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A method that encourages you to select and pay for  items to be used for your future funeral needs at today’s costs thereby relieving your family of the necessity to make these decisions during a very difficult time.


A process that allows you to select items and services for your funeral needs while you are living but postpone payment until the services are needed.


Modern Disciples of Love (A Membership Association)

 “It is the purpose of the Modern Disciples of Love through its fraternal side to develop among its members a true friendship and brotherly love that will cause each community in which it is operating to realize the true merits for which the order stands

Its chief aim in addition to the monetary side is to promote Charity and Benevolence, to relieve the suffering of the sick, the burden of the widows and orphans, and to improve the moral and religious standard of its members. It strives to teach the lessons of true manhood and unity in every community.” (“Introduction” Ritual Modern Disciples of Love, 1928).

Modern Disciples of Love final expense policies offer members an economical way to provide for their final expense needs. A small monthly premium based on a preset total amount is paid each month  until the time of need. When a death occurs these funds are paid directly to King’s Funeral Home for the deceased member.

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